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Physical pain

Physical pain

It's time to unapologetically build and scale an impostor syndrome free, profitable business.

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impostor syndrome

As an ambitious woman, you know deep down that you have the potential to be very successful in business, but something is holding you back. As you grow your biz and reach new milestones, you sometimes feel stuck. 

  • You feel like you need more certifications, more diplomas and more skills before you can feel confident about your competences;
  • You feel like a fraud, and that you don’t deserve to be where you are;
  •  You’ve taken all of the necessary steps for your biz; yet you aren’t where you want to be yet
  • Online visibility is not easy, and fear of what other people will think sometimes creeps in;
  • You set excessively high expectations for yourself and feel like a failure if you don’t reach these goals;
  • You’re might feel like you’re are on a mindset rollercoaster, from full confidence to “OMG who am I to XYZ”.
As a working woman
  • Everyone around you seems to be more ambitious, more skilled, more competent, and smarter than you;
  • Even though you’ve been in your position for some time and have received positive feedback/ have been successful, you still think you are not good enough;
  • You are being underpaid;
  • You don’t apply for a job or a promotion unless your profil meets every single requirement, and more;
  • You’ve recently been promoted, but since then you’ve lost some of your confidence and you’ve started to become anxious about not meeting the expectations of your new role.
impostor syndrome
As a self-employed woman
  • After changing careers, or starting a business unrelated to what you used to do, you feel like a total fraud;
  • You’d like to get more visibility in your community/ social media, but fear is holding you back;
  • You are procrastinating in your business;
  • You don’t feel like an expert in your field, and become nervous when explaining what you do to peers/ your entourage;
  • You are undercharging.
  • You grew fast, and now impostor syndrome is making a comeback.
impostor syndrome

If any of the above ring a bell, impostor syndrome is in the house. And girl, let me tell you: It’s about to bite the dust!

I know exactly how it feels, because I've been there.

I'm Ines, aka the Impostor syndrome Terminator ®

I’ve been there. Despite being a high performer, I suffered from many of the above-mentioned symptoms for 15 years until I finally broke free from the impostor syndrome prison.

After leaving a promising but unfulfilling career in the Swiss financial industry, I start my business and made 12k within 10 weeks of starting my social media channels. The secret: conquering impostor syndrome at the subconscious level + the right business strategy.

Now I want the same for you. If you are tired of feeling stuck in business and want to exploit your full potential, you are in the right place!

I am an expert in impostor syndrome and developed the Impostor Syndrome Terminator® programs that empowers highly ambitious women to unlock next level confidence and unapologetic business success.


Girl you deserve to thrive. Are you ready to conquer impostor syndrome and

✓ Say goodbye to feeling like a fraud, and instead embrace your

✓ Have total confidence in your abilities and knowledge

✓ Become a visibility queen

✓ Know what your services are worth, be paid what you are worth and be financially free

✓ Unapolegatically be yourself, trust yourself and follow your intuition

✓ Be recognized in your field as the expert you are, and feel worthy of success

✓ Get rid of procrastination and have infinite motivation to commit 100% to your goals

They conquered impostor syndrome,
and so can you:

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