Episode 4: The One Thing that Stops Us from Next Level Manifestation

Many people wonder why they still don’t have what they want, even after buying courses and gathering all the information they can get their hands on. “It’s just not working! This is so frustrating!” Sound familiar? In today’s episode, Ines will go deep on this topic. Tune in to discover the underlying reason that’s preventing you from achieving success. After listening, you will understand that healing needs to happen on a deeper level. Allow yourself to go deep enough to process painful memories and mend the deep wounds of the past to bring complete healing. Learn how to break free from the one thing that stops you from manifesting your dream life.

“We cannot build a different future based on a familiar past.”

– Ines Padar

In This Episode:

  • Visibility: How people show up online
  • Niche-hopping: Fear of failure 
  • Launching: Fear of rejection
  • Lonely vs. Alone: Staying in the company of unsupportive people 
  • People-pleasing: Waiting for other people’s approval
  • Money and investments: I cannot afford it
  • Mindset: Dealing with something deeper 


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