Masterclass: The magic formula to overcome impostor syndrome.

Impostor syndrome masterclass

Hi I’m Ines aka the Impostor syndrome Terminator. In this masterclass, I’ll teach you the exact 3 pillars you need to master to conquer impostor syndrome. And when you do, buckle up! This formula allowed me to grow my sales from 0 to $12,000 in 10 weeks. And you can too!

Here’s what you’ll learn in this masterclass:
  • How to identify and get rid of subconscious blocks, sabotage and procrastination so you can unleash your full motivation and energy and to consistently work on your dream business and life.
  • A no BS bullet-proof strategy to boost your self-confidence, starting today, as well how to never again be afraid of visibility. Get ready to attract clients to you!
  • How to build rock solid self-worth so you finally feel comfortable charging what your services are worth. You'll also learn why it's so much easier to hit your income goals by adding high ticket services to your offers. Spoiler alert: it's easier to sell a $2,500 program than a $250 one!
  • Bonus: How to master your mind so it becomes your biggest asset.
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