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The Abundance Magnet™

A 6 week intensive program for women ready to open the doors to abundance and receive as much as they give!

New Year, New Mindset, New Results.

It's time for high ticket clients to flow your way!

When it comes to reaching your goals, you’re the type of woman who takes action and goes all in !

You know you’re capable of having a very successful business that supports you and your loved ones, and allows you to live life on your own terms.

And you want to do that by being authentic and ethical. No fear-based manipulative marketing BS here!

Last but not least, you’ve been taking action. Investing in coaches or online courses. Journaling. Showing up online. And so much more.

At the same time, you might be feeling *slightly* frustrated about the fact that even though you’ve been showing up and care deeply about your clients, other people around you with half the ethics and talent seem to be cruising around while clients drop on their lap. Sigh.

Let me guess:
  • You are so good at giving (time, support, gifts, advice, money) to friends and family, but when it comes to receiving, it feels awkward AF. #cringe
  • You’re aware you might have subconscious blocks but don’t know what they are and where to start to get rid of them.
  • You want to get more high ticket clients, but don’t know how to position yourself as an absolute expert. Also, just thinking of saying your price out loud is making you sweat like you’ve just ran a marathon.
  • Impostor syndrome has been holding you back with its classic “You’re not qualified enough”,  “Who are you to…”.
  • It sometimes feels like there’s too much competition out there, and that people won’t invest in you or won’t understand the value of your offer.
  • Each time you get momentum, more money or reach a new level, an old sabotaging pattern kicks in and something “coincidently” happens that takes you back to square one. 
  • You might feel overly responsible for your clients getting results. As a consequence, there’s this “what if people pay me and don’t get results” horror movie playing in the back of your mind stopping you from charging what your services are worth.
That’s about to change!
Welcome to The Abundance Magnet™

A 6-week, life changing program that smashes the sh*t out of limiting beliefs and impostor syndrome.

The perfect container for ambitious women ready to break up with scarcity and doubt, and say Hello to their next level, abundant self.

Lemme tell you. When you

Success is inevitable.

Sarah Fontana Nutritional Therapist​

I heard about Ines and her services through a friend and decided to take her services up because I felt ‘stuck’ in progressing my business. It was like something was holding me back from progressing and I lacked in direction.

I am not unsure about the work I do, actually I’m very confident in my work and love what I do. And straight after our first session I realised having subconscious blocks, which clearly prevented me from growing my business. Initially we worked on removing these blocks, which were about the fear of charging more for my services and being too visible with the fear of judgement by others. As part of her package we did do hypnosis to get to the root of my blockages.

And I was surprised how effective this was, as afterwards I felt a sense of relief and my head felt somewhat lighter. This treatment enabled me to make a move forward and not let old outdated blocks hold me back any longer.

We then worked on building the foundations for my business. Ines helped me gain more confidence in becoming more visible on social media, which resulted in gaining more followers. Ines also guided me on how to provide content for my social media posts, set up emailing lists, etc..

As a result of the engagement with Ines, I’m delighted to have gained my first two higher paying clients and now looking forward to moving my business forward. Now with the confidence and knowledge I have gained, my business is moving in the right direction.

Thank you, Ines, you are truly amazing!

Let's get real for a minute: Abundance is about so much more than a nice vision board, positive thinking and daily affirmations.

  • If we don’t feel worthy of receiving;
  • If impostor syndrome is still going strong, making us feel like we aren’t qualified enough;
  • If we have subconscious success blocks and sabotaging patterns
Then no amount of strategy, business coaching, posting on social media, facebook lives or ads will ever be enough to build, grow and scale a successful business !


Because when it comes to abundance & getting more clients, it all comes down to our energetic vibration, and the subconscious beliefs control 95% of our life.

Sofia's story:

"I just want to thank you for being exactly what I needed - personally as well as in my business. I reached out to you when my business had stalled. It grew really quickly and it freaked me out - I needed support helping my confidence grow just as much as my business was.

You held space for me through a time which was a bit of a dark night of the soul for me - a lot of old fears and traumas came up to be released. We basically only worked on mindset - therapeutic conversation, EFT and RTT.

You have such a knack for getting to the root of the problem and your authenticity, strong intuition and self-confidence was exactly what I needed at that time - your comforting, symbolic hand to hold through my growing pains.

Before my business stalled I had had a 10 K month - completely effortlessly. In the four months that followed, I didn't even make half that each month. After working with you my business started booming again and the month after we finished I had my first 15 K month.

I'm forever grateful that I made the investment in working with you. Thank you for being you and having worked so much on yourself that you can be such a pure light to others. I'm so thankful."

It’s time to throw shallow money mindset advice out of the window and focus on what actually works.

We are on the same page !

From Quantum physics, advanced hypnosis, energy work, ancestor healing, NLP, neuroscience to practical and actionable advice:

The Abundance Magnet program uses The Best of The Best to find and eliminate limiting beliefs, fears, negative blueprints and subconscious blocks so you can become a walking manifestation machine!
  • You’ll learn exactly how limiting beliefs and blocks are formed, how they affect us and how to get rid of them;
  • You’ll get the “9 typical block checklist” so you can identify exactly what you need to work on;
  • You’ll learn more about how our mind can trick us into a reality we no longer desire, and how to get out of it.
Module 1: Unleashing your full receiving potential
  • Ditch Receiving blocks once and for all, and activate your abundance magnet;
  • Stop feeling overly responsible for clients results, and trust that only the best people come to you;
  • Attract abundance and money, and keep it. Bye bye sabotage !
Module 2: Coming across as an expert:
  • Develop massive confidence and fearlessness to go for your goals knowing that what you offer is amazing;
  • Come up with your own framework so you automatically come across as an authority;
  • Learn how to become indifferent to what other people think. Fear of judgement’s going to bite the dust!
Module 3: Eliminating success blocks and sabotage
  • We’ll dig deep to make sure that one of the 6 typical success blocks won’t ever hold you back;
  • You’ll learn how how to manage your business growth and let go of any fear / limiting beliefs that come up during the process;
Module 4: Ultimate goal reaching formula
  • Inner healing so your past no longer affects your future;
  • You’ll learn how to ditch perfectionism, overwhelm and procrastination so they never affect your goals again;
  • You’ll learn the most powerful ways to rapidly get out of a funk and limiting beliefs before they stop the flow of abundance.
Module 5: The Art of high ticket sales
  • We’ll smash the 5 high end clients myths;
  • You’ll learn how to hit your income goals, even with a small audience;
  • You’ll get an action plan of what to do to get there (and ditch all activities that don’t).

Module 6: Full Activation of your Abundance Magnet

  • The fastest way to attract what you want in your life;
  • The ultimate abundance routines you can use immediately to shift your vibration and become an abundance magnet;
  • Believing without a shadow of a doubt that you WILL be successful, while stepping into your inner CEO, and taking action accordingly !

Just imagine:

Having extraordinary belief and confidence in your ability to reach your goals;

Breaking up with sabotage and procrastination, and taking massive action every day knowing that you WILL be successful;

Permanently smashing money & receiving blocks at the subconscious level;

Finally receiving as much as you've been giving these past gazillion years, and feeling great about it;

Knowing exactly how to come across as an expert on social media that people know, like, trust and invest in;

Getting tools that you can use for a lifetime to rapidly eliminate fears and liming beliefs as you and your business reach new levels;

Feeling in control of your emotions, and knowing exactly what to do to move the needle forward. Bye Bye overwhelm.

Getting more high tickets clients with full confidence that they will get extraordinary results;

Feeling 1000% confident about charging what your services are worth, and attracting those clients to you. Without spending 4h a day on social media !!

Here’s what you’ll receive inside the 6-week Abundance Magnet:

7 transformational modules

You’ll get 4 FULL hypnosis session to find and smash success and abundance blocks that might be holding you back, over a dozen EFT and NLP sessions & straight to the point trainings on how to become an Abundance Magnet!

Weekly advanced live coaching Calls

Each week, you’ll get a high vibe 60-minute group coaching calls with your fellow Receiving Queens. You’ll get the highest level of strategic support and mindset support to be in energetic alignment with your goals.

Your Receiving Queen Resources

From full hypnosis sessions to find the root cause of a block, to workbooks and journaling prompts to tune into your next level self: 

You’ll get everything you need to heal your inner child, let go of inherited patterns, and break free from limiting beliefs that no longer serve you.

Abundance Magnet Community

Let’s get real: you’re GONNA need some support between calls. When Impostor Syndrome kicks in, there’s no better confidence booster than realising everyone around you is in the same boat. The private Facebook community is there when you need it ! (priceless)

Lifetime access

Lifetimes access means that you can come back to these trainings and bust whatever mindset challenges pop up as you and your business reach new levels.

Bonus #1: Writing copy that converts

We can have the best offer in the world, if we can’t communicate it effectively, we are going to have *a hard time*.

You’ll learn everything you need to know to write content that deeply resonates with your audience, and turns followers into clients !

Bonus #2: Your roadmap to your first 5-10k month

It’s time to stop shiny object syndroming and focus on what actually works. You don’t need five hundred social platforms to hit your income goals. You need a simple yet powerful action plan to stick to.

NEW Bonus #3: Sales calls training

There’s probably nothing worse than seeing someone booking a call for our program, getting on the call and then…. losing that person.

Well that will never happen again. You’ll learn the 7-step process to skyrocket your close rate and fall in love with discovery calls!


"Working with Ines has made a world of difference for my mindset and my online coaching business. I've started understanding what it was that was holding me back subconsciously and eliminated those blocks.

Ines maps out all there is to know to build a successful online business. Since working with her I've started receiving dream, high-ticket paying clients! Thank you immensely for all your help, and all you do. My energy has shifted to success and you paved the way! THANK YOU!"


"It honestly took me a little while before I was 100% ready to sign with Ines. I had to decide if my mind was ready for the commitment because I knew this would take a lot of work on my end. I am so thankful I didn’t listen to the little voice in the back of head that told me I would be wasting my money because even if Ines was able to help I won’t follow through with any of the coaching.

Before our first session one of my biggest issues was procrastination, always waiting until the very last minute to complete things. The second issue I faced was feeling I wasn’t good enough; I lacked an amount of confidence I needed to take serious action to pursue my goals. After every session with Ines I was creatively motivated. I had a better understanding as to why I used limiting behaviors. It was after an intensive that I understood it was because of past trauma that I developed behaviors like procrastination and self-doubt to keep myself safe, that being on the defence protected me from (what I thought) lurking, sudden disaster. (...). 

By the end of my time with Ines procrastination was a thing of the past and I quit my energy draining 9-5 job because I learned to prioritize and have enough confidence knowing who I am and the amazing things I can accomplish when I start living with passion, doing things that makes me feel good, and more importantly, pursue ideals worth my energy. 

I sold my first high ticket offer, 3-month Creative Wellness Program! I learned to invest in myself, learn from my mistakes, and never settle for less than my worth. I could have stayed on the safe road living in misery but with Ines' help, I chose to stay true to myself and my passions. Much love and gratitude from your humble student, Jae. Salamat po!!"


"I sought Ines out because I was recommended to her. I wanted to focus fully on my business and I was struggling to leave my teaching job but just the idea of letting my safety net go was too scary. Although it made no rational sense. I worked with Ines to help me uncover my money blocks and unhelpful beliefs around money.

The number of different unhelpful and negative money beliefs I had were a surprise but they made so much sense. Ines is so intuitive that she would keep digging in our sessions until the belief came to light. Since working with Ines not only have I shed my money bs but I have made my first 7.5k month and I handed in my resignation and I am going all in.

I love what I do and am excited about growing instead of being held back by the fears that were created by my unconscious to keep me safe. I can't recommend Ines enough, I love her no bs approach and she is master at her craft!"

This course is PERFECT for you if:

  • You want to sell high end offers to dream clients without feeling sleazy or that you’re taking away from them.
  • You know you’re close to the next level and want a high vibe environment and powerful tools to fully unleash your inner Abundance magnet.
  • You’re a no BS woman born for freedom, time & money and you’re ready to take action!
  • You’re no longer willing to let your past dictate your future. Instead, you’re ready to heal and let go of limiting beliefs & inherited trauma and reclaim your power to create your abundant future.

The Receiving Queen is not for you if:

  • You don’t believe in the power of the subconscious mind and you are looking for a strategy course instead.
  • You want to figure out everything on your own, even if it takes you 10 times longer, because you believe impostor syndrome when it tells you “you’re only successful if you do it yourself”.
  • You aren’t ready to take action and set time aside to create your dream life, and are looking for someone to “fix” you.
  • You’re looking for a get-rich-quick scheme
Online Visibility challenge
Pay in full
One payment of $997
  • 7 transformational modules;
  • Weekly advanced live coaching Calls;
  • Your Receiving Queen Resources;
  • Abundance Magnet Community;
  • Lifetime access;
  • Bonus 1: Writing copy that converts;
  • Bonus 2: Your roadmap to your first 5-10k month;
  • Bonus 3: Sales calls training;
  • Pay in full only: The Queen Mug 
Flexible payment plan
3 monthly payments of $347
  • 7 transformational modules;
  • Weekly advanced live coaching Calls;
  • Your Receiving Queen Resources;
  • Abundance Magnet Community;
  • Lifetime access;
  • Bonus 1: Writing copy that converts;
  • Bonus 2: Your roadmap to your first 5-10k month
  • Bonus 3: Sales calls training
Enrolment closes & price goes up to $2000 in:

Are you a VIP ?

Wanna Quantum leap to new levels and get inner circle Mindset and Business coaching, without the $12,000 price tag?

  • Want feedback on your niche, messaging, content business and *everything else* ?

  • Need a loving kick in the b*tt when you have that “omg what if no one shows up to my launch/ buys my program” moment?

  • Looking for instant support when doubt creeps in?

  • Ready to bring your mindset to CEO level ?

  • Eager to learn the magic formula behind multiple 5-figures launches (yes, without ANY ads!)

  • Excited about optimising your business so it’s profitable AF?
  • I’ve got you Queen !

    VIP only:

    ✔ Additional weekly group coaching call with Ines and your VIP Queens

    ✔ Two in depth energy and subconscious work session to unleash your manifestation powers and attract more from the universe by working less

    ✔ Lifetime Access to the Money & Abundance Bundle

    ✔ Lifetime Access to the Magic Launching Formula Masterclass

    ✔ Basically the Mastermind experience, without the $10’000 price tag

    VIP Inner circle limited to 12 Queens only

    Pay in full
    One payment of $2500
    • 7 transformational modules;
    • Weekly advanced live coaching Calls;
    • Your Receiving Queen Resources;
    • Abundance Magnet Community;
    • Lifetime access;
    • Bonus 1: Writing copy that converts;
    • Bonus 2: Your roadmap to your first 5-10k month;
    • Bonus 3: Sales calls training
    • The Queen Mug 
    • VIP: Weekly group coaching call with Ines and your VIP Queens (10 in total)
    • VIP: Four more weeks of support (10 in total!!)
    • VIP: Private Voxer
    • VIP: Magic Launching Formula Masterclass
    Flexible payment plan
    3 monthly payments of $917
    • 7 transformational modules;
    • Weekly advanced live coaching Calls;
    • Your Receiving Queen Resources;
    • Abundance Magnet Community;
    • Lifetime access;
    • Bonus 1: Writing copy that converts;
    • Bonus 2: Your roadmap to your first 5-10k month;
    • Bonus 3: Sales calls training;
    • The Queen Mug 
    • VIP: Weekly group coaching call with Ines and your VIP Queens (10 in total)

    • VIP: Four more weeks of support (10 in total!!)

    • VIP: Private Voxer

    • VIP: Magic Launching Formula Masterclass 

    Enrolment closes & price goes up to $4000 in:

    The Abundance Magnet is officially closed.


    Join the waitlist and be the first informed when the Abundance Magnet relaunches it the future. You also get early bird bonuses and other % !

    Tracy, Mindset coach

    "I feel so much more confident and unhindered. I’m showing up, being more visible and have even been asked into a radio show to talk about what I do. It’s like not only am I no longer hiding, but others can see me now too."


    "I feel like I cleared so many blocks whilst working with Ines, I really broke down old beliefs about myself and was able to see a new version of myself emerging.

    The mindset work is so so important and Ines really knows how to help you move forward, she has a way of seeing your own blocks more clearly than you can and also encouraging you to move into your best self.

    For the first time since I started my new business I can see a way forward for me and I feel as though my goals and dreams are achievable, my self confidence is higher and I'm much better at taking action, consistently and being visible in my business! Thank you for being a constant source of inspiration Ines and for always encouraging me, pushing me and seeing my light even when I couldn't 💜."

    Frequently asked questions

    The Abundance Magnet is for ambitious women who want to let go of subconscious blocks, limiting beliefs and misaligned energy around money so they can attract more abundance in their life.

    This is also perfect for you if you want to serve high ticket clients without guilt, fear or limiting beliefs about what they can or can’t afford.

    The Abundance Magnet program is for both women in corporate and women who have a business, as the principles are the same.

    If you want to attract more money and opportunities (like a promotion, or the courage to quit your job) in your life, your subconscious must be on board !

    The Abundance Magnet won’t be open for enrolment until next year. If you’d rather wait  to get rid of subconscious blocks and open the gates to abundance, see you in 2022!

    (The investment might be higher if the program is structured differently in the future).

    If you are ambitious and ready to become a Receiving Queen  join the High Vibe women in the Abundance Magnet !

    Life happens, and we can’t always show up on calls! That’s why you can pre-submit your questions. They will be answered during the call, and every call will be recorded so you can catch the replay later.

    Never. When we think about refunds, we energetically tell the universe that we don’t fully believe that we’ll get what we want, and we set ourselves up for failure before we have even started. 

    That’s the exact thing we want to say GOODBYE to in this program !

    We start on March 1st 2021!

    I’ve got you! Send me an email at ines@neuropeak.ch or send me a message on Facebook / Instagram!

    There will be no next time Amiga! This is the first and last time there is a Founding Member offer on my Masterminds!

    Hi I'm, Ines aka the Impostor Syndrome Terminator ®!

    When I was 18, studying finance at university, I told my mom: “One day, I’ll be working from home, from the couch with my laptop on my knees, wearing leggings”. She gave my an exasperated look.

    Well, I guess my dreams came true?! Joke aside:

    I’m a former investment analyst turned into a mindset and business hypno-coach. I’m here to help ambitious women say F You to impostor syndrome and limiting beliefs, and Hello to life on an inflatable flamingo.

    I’m a no BS, impatient person and I like to see results fast! By combining deep subconscious and energetic work and business growth strategies, I went from desperate entrepreneur using my savings account to pay bills to 12k within 10 weeks within starting on social media. Eight months after that, I had a 78k launch, working from my couch.

    I truly believe that success comes from energetic alignment and strategic action. I’m here to help amazing women smash success blocks, grow their business and fulfil their potential!

    I can’t wait to meet you!