Conquer impostor syndrome program

it's time for impostor syndrome to bite the dust!


Conquer impostor syndrome program

Girl, let's unleash the CEO within you


Ambitious women, are you ready to get unshakeable confidence and next level business success?

Conquer impostor syndrome program

As an ambitious entrepreneur or working woman, you know deep down that you have the potential to make a big difference, and you can already see your next trip to Bali flying in business.

Don't waste any more time in the impostor syndrome prison, being stuck at a professional level far bellow what you can achieve and deserve.

Let me guess:

You’ve done everything right to be successful: inner work, networking, personal development, buying courses and more.

Maybe you’ve invested a lot of money in extra certifications/ diplomas to feel confident in your knowledge anx expertise but it hasn’t really changed much.

Even worse? It seems like other people around you who have invested half the effort, time and money (and oftentimes, whose services aren’t even that good!!) are further up in business than you. Frustrating!

Conquer impostor syndrome program

Let’s address the elephant in the room:

Right now, impostor syndrome is interfering with your plans and keeping you stuck.

The worst in all of this is that you know you are smart and can achieve great things, but at the same time, doubt and fear that you might not be good enough are stopping you from fully using your potential!

You can probably relate to some of the following (I certainly did back in the day):
Fraud alert:

Everyone around you seems to have more knowledge and skills than you, and this makes you feel like a fraud.


Lack of trust and low self-belief are making you overthink and procrastinate, which is preventing you from making a full commitment.


It feels uncomfortable asking to be paid what you are worth in case people won’t want to work with you; so you’re stuck at an income level that doesn’t give you the freedom you want (but that’s about to change)!


Even though you know you need to go out there and be visible, you don’t want to feel exposed, or fail to live up to other people’s expectations, and this is keeping you small. Fear of judgement is the cherry on the cake.


It feels like there is so much more you need to learn and do before you are “ready”, and this is overwhelming you and killing your motivation.


There’s a voice in your head telling you that you need more skills, certifications and diplomas in order to feel confident and get started (we’ll get rid of that).

Instead of having the business success you deserve, you are stuck, watching other not-so-great people succeed, and wonder if you will ever be fulfilled and become a leader in your field.
Maybe you’ve convinced yourself that you should be happy with what you have, because it’s pretty good, or you’ve accepted the idea that extraordinary success is only “for other people”.
If this sounds familiar, it is time to act ASAP! Truth is, as long as you feel like a fraud, you won’t fully trust yourself or see your worth, and other people won’t either.
And I’ve got great news for you: You absolutely have the potential to reach the top. All you need is to get rid of the limiting beliefs and blocks and activate the success mechanism that already exists within you!

Welcome to The impostor Syndrome Terminator®!



A program put together exclusively for motivated, ambitious women ready to get next level confidence, make more money and have the success they deserve.

In as little as 12 weeks from now, your life could be totally different! Just imagine:

Conquer impostor syndrome program

✓ Having full confidence in yourself so you never again care about other people’s opinions 

✓ Being excited and motivated to take action every day so you can grow your business or in your career twice as fast

✓ Feeling comfortable being visible and talking about what you do with confidence and passion, which means you will attract new clients easily 

✓ Getting paid what you are worth so you can get financial freedom and have the life you deserve

✓ Knowing that your competences are way more than enough which will save you thousands of dollars in certifications and courses you don’t need

✓ Following your intuition and  feeling great being 100% you so you never again feel like a fraud, and start attracting the right opportunities 

All of this is available to you, and faster than you think!

Conquer impostor syndrome program

Conquer impostor syndrome program

Gaby Abrams


PHOTO-2020-03-18-16-04-22 copie
I came to Ines seeking help with my self-confidence. I had done a LOT of conscious thought work: brain-based coaching, mindset and manifestation, etc. But my session with Ines was next level! If I had one word to describe my session it would be powerful. I felt so empowered! I really got to the root of so many feelings that kept eluding me and keeping me stuck. I uncovered fears I didn’t know I had.

Since my session, I have felt more unstoppable than ever! I have been a guest on two podcasts, done two guest Facebook lives, made a Facebook post that got almost 1,000 likes and attracted my first stranger coaching client, followed up on so many leads…who is this person?! Even in the midst of this global pandemic craziness, I feel centered, grounded, and full of self-love and confidence. And THAT is the greatest blessing. Thank you, Ines!
I was fortunate enough to have an RTT session with Ines almost a month ago. I wanted to write a review right away, because I felt such a profound shift immediately, but Ines asked me to wait so that I could feel the full effects. I’m glad she did!
I came to Ines seeking help with my self-confidence. I had done a LOT of conscious thought work— brain-based coaching, mindset and manifestation, etc. I had started to piece together bits of what was holding me back, and had even made some pretty big breakthroughs thanks to previous RTT sessions. But my session with Ines was next level!
If I had one word to describe my session it would be powerful. I felt so empowered! I really got to the root of so many feelings that kept eluding me and keeping me stuck. I uncovered fears I didn’t know I had. The best thing is that Ines was such a calm and steady guide— I kept feeling like she knew where this was all going, but she let me arrive there all on my own. I loved listening to my recording because it anchored me to my session, and I loved remembering the moment that this empowered woman had emerged.

Since my session, I have felt more unstoppable than ever! I have been a guest on two podcasts, done two guest Facebook lives, made a Facebook post that got almost 1,000 likes and attracted my first stranger coaching client, followed up on so many leads…who is this person?! Even in the midst of this global pandemic craziness, I feel centered, grounded, and full of self-love and confidence. And THAT is the greatest blessing. Thank you, Ines!
Ready to cut the BS and unleash the CEO within you?

Hi, I'm Ines, one the few experts in the world who focuses solely on impostor syndrome.


Ladies, as a former Premium Impostor, I know exactly what it feels like to know deep down that you have the potential to do great things, and at the same time feeling it might not happen.

Despite studying in one of the best universities in the world, and working in Switzerland’s top financial institutions, I wasn’t fulfilled, and felt that the business success I wanted was out of reach. This desperation and lack of purpose made my spiral down into depression (for the 4th time). As an ambitious person, I was also SO frustrated that my mind was holding me back and making me feel miserable instead of pushing me forward.

The worst in all of this was that while I was busy overthinking and analyzing everything, other people around me (including some under-qualified, overconfident individuals) were riding the success wave and going places!

Ladies, I used to be a Premium Impostor: Money blocks, feeling like a fraud, fear of visibility, not feeling like an expert, I had it all, and my business wasn’t really getting anywhere.

That was until I used to power of the subconscious mind, combining RTT™, NLP, EFT and other powerful modalities to eliminate limiting beliefs directly at the subconscious level.

I also used a clear marketing and business plan and took strategic action. 10 weeks after starting on social media, I made my first 12k. 5 months into my business, I was fully booked on my 1:1, and had a 25k launch shortly after.

When you combine powerful subconscious work with strategic action, results happen FAST.

That’s how the highly efficient “Impostor Syndrome Terminator®” program was born. And since then, it has helped women from all around the world say Goodbye to sabotage and success blocks and Hello to money, fulfilment and a thriving business.

This is what you can expect inside the Impostor Syndrome Terminator® program:

  • A pre-session assessment which will identify the main areas that you need support with, followed by an action plan for the upcoming weeks, so you know exactly what we are doing, and the results that you will get.
  • Private 1:1 coaching sessions to give you the highest level of tailored, individualized attention. During each session together, we will find and eliminate the root cause of impostor syndrome and get rid of subconscious blocks and sabotage. You will also see powerful changes taking place in between sessions. Plus, you’ll get my exclusive resources so you can work on yourself outside of our sessions (if you want to) and maximize the results of your investment . Get ready to feel empowered!
  • Between session support will answer all of your questions as they come up. You’ll keep the momentum going and have the tools to conquer impostor syndrome faster. Unlimited emails will ensure you get the resources you need to build amazing confidence and get closer to next level success.
  • SOS calls will give you guidance to address whatever comes up  immediately and get an outside perspective. This will prevent a small issue form snowballing into a bigger one, and ensure you stay on track and never feel overwhelmed, as I am one call away.
  • Life changing custom transformational recordings will accelerate your transformation and are exactly what you need to stay focused and motivated between our sessions. Most importantly, they allow you to transform from within, outside of our 1:1 sessions. Plus, your mind will work for you on a daily basis and get you closer to your goals, even while you sleep!

For these amazing women, impostor syndrome is a distant memory:

Conquer impostor syndrome program

May St. Onge

Trauma specialist

Version 2

I worked with Ines on a money block and fear of failing in business. During the session I didn’t expect what would come up, as my blockage wasn’t even my own belief but it was my mother’s belief about money. The biggest problem I had before was fear of charging more on my program. Even though I have the expertise, commitment, and ability to understand and work with traumas, I still had fear of charging the price worthy of my skills.

During the session , Ines was able to help me find the root of my blockage and help me clear it out. She also helped me change me old belief pattern. Also the shoulder pain that I carried around is starting to subsided. Turned out I was carrying the pain as a reminder to make sure that I continue to help others healing from traumas.

Now I have less pain and more confidence in my ability to build my business. Also, I charge more wohooo: the price worth of my education, training, intuition, and compassion to help others recovery from their Complex and Childhood traumas that holds them back to live their fullest life. Thank you for your help Ines.”

Isabella Bordoni

Empowerment and business coach

Version 2

As a successful businesswoman, a mentor, coach, and therapist it is key to me when consulting someone, that we are on an eye to eye level and I can fully trust whatever I face. 

Whenever I am facing some unresolved issues, I need someone trustworthy and top professional to consult who also has a business mind like me.
With Inès I have found my gem. I felt safe, respected and could let myself completely go, trust the process while giving her the lead.
Inès knows without any doubt what she is doing, asks the right questions, keeps it clear and was able to find the root cause of my issue. She has made me understand the reason, the why and with her loving guidance, I could let go and get rid of it once and for all. The transformation and the tools she applied were perfect and made me feel secure throughout the process.

I feel excellent since the session and even if there are some rare moments of it popping up, I am aware of it immediately and can replace the feeling and thought with a positive, powerful statement, new belief she has given me. Thank you Inès.

Caroll Tracy

Mindset coach


Had a fantastic session on Imposter Syndrome with Ines. I had tried a few things myself prior to the session, which were useful but it was still posing a problem for me and I was constantly second guessing whether I was good enough. The session went really well and I was surprised at how deep Ines was able to dig. Sometimes as fellow coaches it can be tricky to let go and allow someone else to take charge, but I had complete trust in her abilities.

Knowing what was holding me back all this time, allowing me to go so far but not as far as I know I can, is HUGELY freeing.
Following my session and listening to the recording each night, I started to feel things shift a little, then a little more. I’m not ready to apply to Ted X just yet but feel so much more confident and unhindered. I’m showing up, being more visible and have even been asked into a radio show to talk about what I do.

It’s like not only am I no longer hiding, but others can see me now too. I’m so grateful for Inès and her abilities for helping me open the door to being the best version of me.

These are a few examples of the results you'll get once impostor syndrome bites the dust!


✓ Feel from the inside that your are a successful business woman
✓ Feel free, unhindered, unstoppable, excited to be moving forward
✓ Have extraordinary belief and confidence in your ability to move to the next level
✓ Stop procrastination and get into action mode, knowing you'll be successful


✓ Speak to your team or audience easily, naturally and with confidence, and get more clients
✓ Promote yourself without caring what other people think
✓ Have the confidence to seek out and accept opportunities and put yourself out there


✓ Know that you are competent enough, and that you already have all the knowledge you need
✓ Stop feeling like a fraud and instead feel secure and that you belong
✓ Stop the need to get more diplomas and certifications once and for all

Financial freedom

✓ Know your worth and charge the prices/ ask for the salary you want with ease and confidence
✓ Know that what you have to offer is extremely valuable, and attract the people who recognize it
✓ Be worry free about your financial situation, and have the power to work on your own terms

Be yourself

✓ Feel free to be yourself without being ashamed of it
✓ Trust yourself and follow your intuition
✓ Stop doing anything that doesn't feel right , and do things your own way

Make an impact

✓ Be a change maker and be recognized for your work and the impact you have
✓ Be the go-to person, the expert in your field
✓ Live your life's purpose and finally feel fulfilled doing what you love

These amazing women used to have impostor syndrome too. Now they are booking more clients, feeling confident about their skills/knowledge and growing their businesses faster than ever.

And you can do the same!
Ready to crush impostor syndrome
and become a leader in your industry?
Here’s how the magic happens

After working with so many different ambitious women, I discovered the bullet proof, magic formula to conquer impostor syndrome for good. It takes a combination of three things: self-confidence, self-worth and getting rid of subconscious blocks and sabotage that are stopping you from getting next level success. 


Eliminating blocks / sabotage

Our subconscious minds can be our greatest asset but also our greatest liability when we have hidden blocks and sabotage. We’ll get rid of all of them, even blocks you didn’t know you had. Get ready to feel motivated, empowered and turn your mind into a success mechanism that works for you 24/7!
It’s time to finally have infinite motivation and energy when you wake up in the morning. You’ll learn how to powerfully shift gears so procrastination never again slows you down on highway to CEO.
Your intuition is your ultimate best friend, and once you listen to it, you will have a constant guide that supports and helps you take the right action to get a successful business aligned with your values.
impostor syndrome

Self worth

Those days when you gave discounts, felt overworked and underpaid will soon be a distant memory. Once we get rid of some limiting beliefs, you will finally acknowledge how amazing your services are, and charge accordingly. Most importantly, we’ll make sure you feel 200% worthy of receiving abundance, so it can freely flow to you!
It’s time to put your own oxygen mask on first before you take care of other people. Setting healthy boundaries will allow you to grow like never before, and ultimately serve more people. When you thrive, others thrive too!

Reconnect with who you truly are, instead of being what others expect. This will powerfully eliminate the “feeling like a fraud”, and instead you’ll be yourself, and magnetically attract your ideal client to you!

impostor syndrome

Self confidence

Let’s save you thousands of dollars on certifications you don’t need. Trust me, feeling like you are not skilled enough is A LIE that impostor syndrome is feeding you, and we’ll get rid of it fast. You’ll finally realize that you are more than competent enough and say Goodbye to self-doubt.
When you believe in yourself, sky is the limit! Get ready to wake up in the morning trusting yourself, and knowing deep down that you have absolutely all it takes to be successful.
Say goodbye to stress and anxiety.  Sooner than you think, you will be excited and totally relaxed when talking about what you do, and speaking in team meetings. Cherry on the cake, when you confidently put yourself out there, you attract your ideal clients to you!
Enough talking, let’s start conquering!

Here’s what you’ll get in the 3-month 1:1 Impostor Syndrome Terminator® program:

16 hours of transformational coaching divided as follow:

✓ A 45 min. pre-program strategy session and action plan;

✓ A monthly 2h30 rapid transformation session to eliminate blocks and install success blueprints;

✓ Two monthly 60 min sessions to reinforce the change, and exclusive confidence and success strategies for your business;

✓ A monthly personalized recording to rewire you on a daily basis;

✓ Unlimited e-mail support;

✓ BONUS 1: Access to all Modules and Bonuses from the Visibility Queen Bootcamp, worth $1,234

The investment for the Impostor Syndrome Terminator® is $12,000

Or 4 monthly payments of $3,300

Impostor what? Get Ready to thrive in business and exploit your full potential:
(Limited spots available)
Frequently Asked Questions​

This transformational process is highly effective and many of my clients feel a major shift in their very first session. During our initial discovery call, we will assess your wants and needs, and based on those, I will suggest the program best suited for you. In any case, at the end of our work together, you will get a powerful transformation.

Impostor syndrome is the expression of an underlying issue that needs to be addressed.  The NeuroPeak™ process allows this to happen quickly by using the power of your subconscious mind. If you are truly committed to overcoming impostor syndrome and are ready to invest 15-30 min daily, you will see results. Furthermore, during our initial discovery call, we will get to know each other better and identify your needs and desires. I’ll only suggest that we work together if I feel like we are a good match, and that you will get the results you want through this program.

Most coaches work on the conscious level only, which is great when you don’t have any deeper blocks. Having suffered from impostor syndrome myself, I know well enough that working on the conscious level only is not effective in this case. That’s why I have trained in, and first focus on the subconscious mind, which is infinitely more powerful. And this has been successful with every single one of my clients who often tell me, after we’ve found the root cause if their issue ” I would never have imagined that the problem came from there!”.

I’m glad you asked, this is a great question!

After working with many clients, I noticed that they got noticeably better results from their investments if they got 2 in-depth sessions that are a bit longer vs 4 weekly 1h sessions.

What we do during the 2.5h session at the beginning of each month is a a very powerful transformation that eliminates your problem at a subconscious level. Do do this, we need more than one hour, as we are literally erasing years of limiting beliefs, and replacing them with a success mechanism, and powerful thoughts and habits.

After that session, you’ll get your own personalized recording that you’ll listen to every day for at least 21 days. This will allow to reinforce your transformation  and make it permanent.

Two weeks after your first session, you’ll get a 1.5h session designed to add even more momentum to what you already have, and address whatever comes up during those 2 weeks.

If you feel that 2x 45 minutes instead of 1x 1h30 works best for you, we can talk about this during the discovery call.

  • I want you to be excited about the incredible confidence and success that are about to flow into your life.
  • I expect you to be ready for change, and to invest at least 15 min of your time daily (more if you want) during our work together. I will cheer you on, give you my 150% and believe in you, but I can’t do the work for you. You have to be all in, and take responsibility for your transformation.
  • I also expect you to show up on time for our sessions, and take our work together seriously
  • Be honest with me from beginning to end. I will always be ready to hear what you have to say, without ever judging you.

I guess that depends on how you define those words. Let me tell you how I see it:

I focus on the results you’d like to get in the future, as well as the necessary steps you need to take in order to get there. Oftentimes, different elements such as limiting beliefs, habits and old patterns interfere with this. We therefore get rid of the “old” stuff, so you can get what you want, with nothing holding you back. Once that is done, it is 100% easier to get you from point A to B.

What I don’t do: In our work together, we will NOT delve into the past and talk about it for hours while doing nothing about it.

P.S. Ladies, now is your time to shine: Don't let impostor syndrome hold you back in business. You deserve to exploit your full potential, have outstanding confidence, abundance and next level business success NOW!

If you’ve made it this far, it’s because you know deep down that you you are only a few steps away from getting the life you want. You’re no longer willing to let impostor syndrome , rob your confidence and sabotage your business success. You are tired of spending your time, money and energy on stuff that doesn’t transform you from the inside out. You are ready to take action and empower yourself with transformational work that will change your life for the best.

Disclosure: limited availability

Due to the 1:1 nature of the programs, I only work with a handful of clients a month. This ensures you receive all my attention, and get the best out of our work together. Prospective clients are added to a waitlist, and will be eligible to start the program on the subsequent month. Don't miss your opportunity to apply when slots are available.

What got you here won't get you there. The Impostor Syndrome Terminator® is what will get you to next level success, where you belong.
Apply for your 30-minute call, and let's talk about how you can reach your goals.