Episode 9: Behind the scenes of a 25k launch 6 month into business

To have a successful launch, we don’t need a huge audience, paid ads, showing up on all social platforms, or have been in business for years. Launching is actually pretty simple once we know the formula, apply it and have a strong mindset about the launch !

In this episode, I give you an A to Z walk-through my 25k launch 6 months into business only!

Back then, I was so terrified to launching and no one buying that I procrastinated for 4 weeks about launching this program.

Here are the covered topics:

  • Before the launch, and where my business and income was at;
  • How I was terrified of launching and how I overcame the fear;
  • How to create an offer that your audience actually needs;
  • The Pre launch phase;
  • The Launch Phase;
  • The close Phase.

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